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2017-2018 Membership Levels - Friends and Family

2017-2018 Transferable Membership Levels

2017-2018 Rates for Additional Activities

2017-2018 Member Golf Rates

Do I have to own property in Pinehurst to be a PCC member?
Yes, to be eligible for a PCC membership, you do need to own property in the Village of Pinehurst. 

What does is cost to become a PCC member?
The initiation fees are based on the level of membership that is selected. The enclosed grid shows the various 
memberships along with the initiation fees, monthly dues, and the amenities that are associated with each of the 

If you purchase a property with an Existing Membership attached (that was established prior to July 
2013), you may apply for membership within 60 days of closing at 50% off the initiation fee.
If you purchase a property with a Property Privilege Option attached, you may apply for membership 
within 60 days of closing at 30% off the initiation fee. If there is not a membership or a property privilege option attached to the property, you may apply for a non-transferrable PCC membership at the FULL initiation fee. 

What information is required to begin the membership process?
Prospective members are required to submit the following information:

  • Membership application
  • Copy of the recorded warranty deed
  • Check for the initiation fee

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